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Welcome to Meade-Quesnel Genealogy!


This site is a work in progress.  

The content is compiled from information received from many of the Meade and Quesnel family descendants. The purpose is to share and bring to life the families' histories for the younger generations.  Participation & comments welcome!

Dedicated to the families of Arthur and Mary (Meade) Quesnel.  The Meade and Quesnel families both immigrated to North America in the 1600's. 

1913 Manigotagan, Manitoba, Canada

Mary (Meade) Quesnel with her 11 of her 12 children:  (right to left)  Grace, Arthur Jr., Mary, William, Harriette, Corrine, George, John, Rachel, Roland, Mary holding Ozzie.  Napoleon was born later this year.

We regrettably acknowledge the passing of Bert Dawson, one of the founding contributors to this website.    Our sincere condolences to his wife, Audrey and their family.   Bert was Arthur Quesnel's oldest grandchild and we so enjoyed the history & stories he generously shared. 

April 2017 Update:


Obituary for Bert Dawson


Genealogy - by Bert Dawson

A family tree is something we should retain,

For there is a dearth of knowledge to maintain,

Most times the trodden paths are left to fate,

And we find that our actions are just too late,

Too many people won't appear on any list,

For they have succumbed and don't exist,

Information is now left to hearsay and find,

That we must research, edit and store in kind.


We have before us a truly daunting task,

And there are many questions we must ask,

Many tiny snippets will surface from the past,

For us to catalogue the way the die was cast,

Black sheep, villains and more are in the game,

For us to learn what may be in any name,

Information will come from all directions,

That we must review and make the best selections.


From relatives who may be more than once removed,

Will answer our desperate plea that has behooved,

A near dormant inclination to remain aloof,

About a dream that lacks only a reply for proof,

That we had nearly waited too long to reflect,

And bring out the truth as a proven fact,

With this as a first and known admission,

To bring our arduous but rewarding task to fruition.


These important meetings have reunited our clan,

And shows how much family needs a working plan,

Our lifestyles have been varied from the start,

But not sufficient to always keep us apart,

Whatever gleanings may come our way,

We are richer and with true reverence say,

That for all the skeletons that were disturbed,

We have unearthed nothing to be perturbed.

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General Information: 
Anyone who would like to share information, stories, photo's etc. are welcomed to do so.  Person sheets are available on this site.


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