Grace Leah (Tunney)
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Grace Leah Quesnel (Tunnie) 1911-1992

Tunnie lived at Manigotogan until shortly after her father's death in 1933 when she moved with her mother to a home on Trent Avenue, which was puchased by her brother Ozzie.  The home became a home away from home to all her nieces and nephews and became known to them simply as "Trent".  In 1953 she married John Daman and moved to Lot 161 St. Mary's Road, bringing her mother with her.  She and Johnnie created a home where everyone felt welcome,carrying on the "Trent" tradition.


Grace Leah Quesnel (Tunnie)

Birth: May 13, 1911, Manigotagan, Manitoba, 

Death: April 13, 1992, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 

Burial:  St. Vital Cemetary, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Father: Arthur Quesnel (1858-1932)

Mother: Mary Rachel Meade (1872-1954)


Spouse:  John Daman

Birth:  May 9, 1911

Death:  April 4, 1983

Burial:  St. Vital Cemetary, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Marriage:  April 11, 1953, John Black United Church, Winnipeg


Donna, stepdaughter

Allan, stepson

Barrie, stepson

Gayle, stepdaughter







11.1  Donna Daman


11.2  Allan Daman


11.3  Barrie Daman


11.4  Gayle Daman


11.5  Laurel Daman


11.6  Lana Daman


11.7  Trevor Daman






























2 additional biological children-Lana born May 13, 1955 in Winnipeg and Trevor born February 14,1957 in Winnipeg