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Deerfield Massacre, History Museum 

The Nims Family Association

The Mead-e Family Tree Newsletter  

Vance Mead's website  

Ross House Museum

History of Point Douglas including:

          - CBC Manitoba:  Point Douglas (History of the Area)

          - Winnipeg Red Lights by Joy Cooper

          by Lillian Gibbons 


In 1762, Oliver Quesnel's great great grandson and Arthur Quesnel's great great grandfather, Antoine Quesnel married Elizabeth Sequin.  Elizabeth was the granddaugher of Ignace Raizenne and Elisabeth Nims, formerly "Josiah Rising and Abigail Nims", survivors of the historic 1704 Deerfield, Massachusetts Massacre.  Josiah Rising (10 yrs. old) and Abigail Nims (4 yrs. old) were 2 captives  taken to Quebec, adopted and raised by the Kanienkehaka (Mohawk).   Ignace was given the new name  of Shoentak'ani  and Abigail the new name of T'atog'ach.  They were released and placed in the Catholic Mission in 1713,  baptized for the 3rd time and given new names: Ignace Raizenne and Elisabeth Nims.  They were married in 1715 and raised their family in Oka, Quebec.  Their home still stands today.  

In 1889 a spruce tree from the Quebec home site of Josiah Rising & Abigail Nims was planted at the Museum in Deerfield, Massachusetts in their memory.  See the  following link:

*  Recommended Read:  

MASSACRE, Daughter of War, by Danielle Skjelve


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"The Nims Family Association is an association of individuals and families descended from Godfrey Nims of Deerfield, Massachusetts. The association is registered in Massachusetts as a non-profit, domestic corporation. Membership in the Nims Family Association is open to any person descended from, or married to, anyone of the surname Nims. The purposes of the association are to collect, maintain, and distribute genealogical and historical data pertaining to descendants of Godfrey Nims, to preserve and display artifacts of the family, and to promote other activities relevant to the Nims family."  

The Nims Family Association "actively seek contact with all descendants of Godfrey Nims through four of his children who survived to adulthood: John; Ebenezer;  Thankful Nims Munn; and Abigail Nims Rising."

Godfrey Nims was Arthur Quesnel's great, great, great great grandfather.

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The Mead-e Family Tree Newsletter

An interesting website/newsletter published by Lee Meade.

(*Meade/Quesnel family referenced in the April 2006 Newsletter)

Lee Meade is a retired journalist and resides in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  He is a direct descendant of 2nd Generation, Joseph Mead.


 *For all Winnipeg Jets fans out there!:  Lee visited Winnipeg in 1972 to conduct a press conference in downtown Winnipeg when Bobby Hull signed his million-dollar contract to play in the World Hockey Association, which event legitimized this upstart professional hockey league.


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Vance Mead's website

Vance Mead is a native of Greenwich, Connecticut and presently living in Helsinki, Finland. Vance is one of the most active Mead(e) family researchers and has researched extensively in England.

Vance is also a direct descendant of 2nd generation John Mead.


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The Ross House (1852) is currently located on Meade Street in Point Douglas, Winnipeg. The Ross House is an example of Red River log construction,  

*Meade Street was named after Roland Price Meade.


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Meade Street, named after Roland Price Meade, is located in Point Douglas, Winnipeg. 



CBC Manitoba:  Point Douglas (A history of the area)


Winnipeg Red Lights by Joy Cooper



History Lives in Point Douglas Street Names by Lillian Gibbons



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