Manigotagan History
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Manigotagan is a Saulteaux Indian phrase, Mannuh-Gundahgan, which means "Bad Throat".    The place where the waterfall makes a noise is like a bad sound in the throat.  The Indian legend is that this eerie sound came from Wood Falls, some three miles from the mouth of the river.

In 1881, Manigotagan, which was formerly part of the District of Keewatin, became part of the Province of Manitoba.  However, it wasn't until 1901 that this area was surveyed into townships.  In 1904 the settlement was surveyed into 18 river lots or homesteads.  These lots were laid out along both sides of the river with a narrow river frontage.  The average size of the lots were 160 acres, which was the usual amount of land allotted for a homestead.

written by Arthur (Artie) Quesnel, Lanigan, Saskatchewan, grandson of Arthur Quesnel, Manigotagan

Bert Dawson, grandson of Arthur Quesnel of Manigotagan has shared memories of the  history of life in Manigotagan.

Video on Grandpa Arthur Quesnel

Bert Dawson 2.wmv