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Received January 2011 from:

DONALD RAY JOHNSON, JR., the great great grandson of Benjamin Franklin Mead, Roland Price Meade's brother who served in the Civil War and settled in the state of New York to raise his family there.

Don resides in Colorado with his wife, Paula, has 6 children and 7 grandchildren.

Don generously forwarded the history he inherited and  compiled on the Mead family (no e on Benjamin's line) and also the Price family, who originated from Wales and pioneered in New Jersey.  (click on the 2 attached PDF files below)

Don provided two scanned copies of letters of inquiry that he inherited in regards to a Mead/Price/Bolt family Bible.    1.  1914 letter to B.F. Mead (Uncle Frank) from Lillian Bolt Sneed confirming his birthdate entry of November 11, 1843 together with a certification from a Notary Public of the State of Virginia;  2.  August 14, 1983 letter from Dorothea Shaw Killmeyer of Virginia regarding the 1914 letter.  (See letters below)

*Roland & Benjamin’s sister, Phebe married Henry Bolt and also settled and raised their family in the state of New York.

Thanks so much for sharing these treasures with us!

Don has provided his email address should you  like to contact him directly:

*It was interesting to find out that Roland Price Meade had 3 additional brothers we were not aware of:  2 George's and James.

History of Mead Family Benjamin Mead line Don Johnson.pdf

Price family history by Don Johnson.pdf