Roland Franklin
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Roland Franklin Meade (Franklin)

Roland Franklin Meade (Franklin) was born in 1869.

Roland Franklinís parents were Roland Price Meade and Mary Rachel Ashford.

Roland Franklinís new life began very historically when his father, Roland Price Meade was imprisoned in Fort Garry in December of 1869 during the Red River Rebellion. Roland Franklin and his mother were also taken to Fort Garry during this time.

Afterwards, the family traveled north to the safety of Fort Alexander, only arriving to find it was overcrowded with refugees. Mr. Ross, the Factor, sent them to a cabin that stood below the rapids at Pine Falls where they stayed for the remainder of the winter and into the summer until General Wolselyís troop arrived, at which time it was safe for the family to return to Winnipeg.

Roland Franklin lived with his family on Meade Street in Winnipeg.

Roland Franklin was 10 years old when his father died in 1879 and the family was separated. Roland lived with the John Sutherland family, Springfield, Selkirk in 1881, as recorded in the Red River Census.

Roland Franklin eventually moved to Manigotagan where his mother had settled when she remarried John Wood.

Roland Franklin had epilepsy. His life was tragically cut short as a young man when he suffered an attack. He was out on the lake (Lake Winnipeg) at the time and unfortunately froze to death.