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March 2011 Updates:


The Nims Family Association/Descendants of Godfrey Nims of Deerfield, Massachusetts

Links Update

English/French Speaking Teacher Wanted, Bad Throat School, 1905


February 2011 Updates:


We were sorry to hear that Lee L. Meade Sr. passed away on December 29, 2010.  Lee Meade was a journalist and Meade family genealogist.  He published the Mead-e Family Tree Newsletter, http://www.meadnewsletter.com/newsletters2003/may2003.htmlLee was very helpful when we started our Meade family research in 2005.  In 1972 when Lee worked as the first Public Relations Director for the World Hockey Association, he told us that he spent time in Winnipeg, Manitoba conducting the press release conference announcing that Bobby Hull had signed his contract with the Winnipeg Jets!  Our sincere condolences to his family.


Meade Home Page update - 5th paragraph, marriage record of Roland and Mary

Meade Home Page update - 6th paragraph re: Red River Famine Relief Committee

Meade Genealogy Records, Generation 8, update, marriage stats for Roland Meade

Headstones:  Memorial to first Meads, Colonel James Mead, Mercy Holmes Mead, Mead family plot, Benjamin Franklin Mead

Meade News Clippings: Lee Meade Spent Life in Sports and on the Move Challenges, Minneapolis StarTribune

Obituaries: Lee Meade, Minneapolis-St.Paul Star Tribune


January 2011 Updates:


History of the Mead family (Benjamin Franklin Mead line) by Don Ray Johnson, Jr.

History of the Price Family (Benjamin Franklin Mead line) by Don Ray Johnson, Jr.

Mead/Price/Bolt family bible 1914 letter inquiry

Mead/Price/Bolt family bible 1983 letter inquiry

Daily Free Press Archives (1874-1879) re: Roland Price Meade

Rachel Josephine (Nan) Cochrane  nee Quesnel by Orin Cochrane

Rachel Josephine Quesnel genealogy update for Brent Mulder

Obituary for Brent Orin Mulder

Mead Genealogy update for Franklin Mead and Benjamin Franklin Mead

Page 352, History & Genealogy of the Mead Family, confirmation of Roland Price Mead

Meade Home Page update - 2nd paragraph confirmation of Ontario census


July 2007 Updates:


July 6/07 News Clipping re: 1868 Red River Settlement Public Notice


June 2007 Updates:

Stories:  Historic 1654 Connecticut Court Case: "The Tribulations & Trial of Martha Mead" 

Stories:  Eva Quesnel

George (Tocs) Quesnel

Arthur (Jr.) Quesnel

Oswald (Ozzie) Joseph Quesnel


News Clippings (Retirement of Eva Quesnel)

Rachel (Nan) Quesnel

Martha Corinne Quesnel 

Photo Album


April 2007 Updates:


Poems - Pioneering, 1912

Sharing Gallery


Roland Henri Quesnel

Harriette Quesnel

William Antoine Quesnel

Manigotagon & Area News Clippings


March 2007 Updates:

Meade Census Records *Ontario records

Quesnel Census Records *Quebec Records

William Antoine Quesnel

Meade Genealogy *USA genealogy records 

Meade Home Page

Sharing Gallery/Photos

Sharing Gallery/Poems

Roland Henri (Noonie) Quesnel 

Martha Corinne (Dandits) Quesnel